Airtel Data Balance Check Number & USSD Code to Know 4G/5G Data Availability

Check Your Airtel Balance One of the most well-known network providers in India is Airtel. Airtel has published a list of USSD codes so that clients from all around the nation may access its services more easily.

Airtel Data Balance Check

Airtel Data Balance Check Number 4G/5G Data Availability, These are “hidden codes” that can enable the services you require or unlock other SIM features. You may use these numbers to check your remaining SMSs, data balance, or even your Airtel number in case you misplace it.

Airtel Data Balance Check Number

Here, we have listed down all the Airtel USSD codes that may help you check your phone or data balance, activate roaming packs, and more. Continue reading!

Check Your Airtel Data Amount With USSD Numbers

  • There are several uses for Airtel USSD codes, with Airtel Data Balance Check being the most popular one. Also, it’s a practical solution for users of feature phones to monitor their Airtel phone numbers’ data balance.
  • Here’s how to check your Airtel internet balance using USSD codes.
  1. The dialer on your phone is opened, the following codes are entered, and the call button is depressed.
  2. To check the validity of your Airtel mobile number, dial *123#. It displays the due date for your subsequent recharge.
  3. Customers of Airtel 3G and Airtel 4G may check how much data is remaining on their phones by dialling the number *121#.
  4. Upon the entry of these codes, you will be prompted to download the Airtel Thanks App and, shortly thereafter, be presented with a menu of choices. These choices consist of “Due Amount,” “Current Usage,” “Data Services,” and others. To obtain the required information, adhere to the directions.

There are more ways to check your airtel balance besides using the two most popular USSD codes.

Airtel main balance and due date*123#
Airtel number *282#
Airtel offers*121#
Airtel Missed call alert service activation*888#
Airtel Unlimited Packs*121*1#
Airtel voice or roaming packs*222#
Airtel Postpaid Current Bill PlanSMS “BP” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Due/Pending Amount SMS “OT” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Bill Payment SMS “PMT” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Current Plan UsageSMS “UNB” To 121
Airtel data balance for 2G owners*121*9#
Airtel SMS Pack DetailDial *121*8# then Type 8

By dialling the following Airtel toll-free customer support lines, you can also check your talk time, daily data balance, and other details:

  • Dial 121 to get in touch with Airtel customer support.
  • Call 198 if there is an issue with your Airtel network.
  • To activate the DND service, dial 1909 and follow the automated instructions.
  • Dial 1237# to check the balance of your 100 SMS.

How Can I Use The Airtel Thanks App To Check My Airtel Data Balance?

Smartphone users are the target audience for the MyAirtel or Airtel Thanks apps.

  • Download the application from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Use your Airtel number to log in to the app and keep track of all your services.

If you have numerous Airtel numbers, you may use the app to monitor the Airtel services for each number.

  • Your Airtel main balance, data balance, and recharge due date are all visible. You may simply contact Airtel customer support using the app, file complaints,
  • The easiest way to see your Airtel data balance if you have a smartphone with an Airtel prepaid connection is through the Airtel Thanks app.

How can I check my Airtel data balance using the self-care services?

Airtel offers “self-care services,” which, while similar to the Airtel Thanks app, is a web-based programme, in contrast to Jio and Vodafone. You only need to go into your Airtel account to view your remaining data allowance.

If you’re having trouble finding the self-service website, just type “Airtel self-service” into Google, and the site will show up as the first result.

Have your phone close by because the website asks for your cell number and an OTP in order to log in. The self-care dashboard is displayed to you when you log in, and you may use it to check the services you need.

Check Your Airtel Balance Online at Airtel

You may check your airtel balance and data balance on the Airtel website in addition to using the Airtel Thanks app and USSD codes. The following steps will show you how to check your Airtel balance online:

  • Visit the Airtel website and use your Airtel number to log in.
  • You’ll get an OTP that you may use to access the website.
  • You may see your Airtel number or numbers on the dashboard.
  • There, you may view relevant data like your data balance, SMS balance, and the next recharge due date, among other things.

Check the Dongle for Airtel 4G Internet Balance.

By following these easy steps, users may quickly check the amount on their Airtel 4G dongle:

  • Turn on your Airtel dongle by connecting it to your laptop.
  • The IP address of the dongle is, so type that into your browser.
  • The login screen will appear when you hit Enter. The default password is “admin”. Click the login button after entering your information.
  • You will now see the Airtel 4G dongle’s user interface. Choose “Data Usage” under “Information” from the list of options. You will see your remaining balance, validity, and pack name.

How can I check my Airtel balance?

  • To check your Airtel balance, just download the Airtel Thanks app. Take these actions:
  • Download the Airtel Thanks app from the ITunes App Store or Google Play.
  • Use your Airtel number and OTP to get into the app. Go back to the home screen to view the Airtel primary balance there.
  • To learn more about your primary Airtel balance, you may also utilise Dollar codes. You may view your Airtel main balance in a pop-up message by simply dialling *123# from your dialer app.

How to view the balance of your Airtel SMS?

To obtain information about their SMS balance, users may download and install the Airtel Thanks app and go to the home screen. You may also call 1217# to find out your Airtel SMS balance.

The 4G data speed of Airtel

By installing the internet speed test app on your smartphone, you can quickly determine the internet speed for your Airtel number. Many programmes, like Ookla Speedtest and others, may be used to check the download and upload speeds on the Airtel network.

For the convenience of its consumers, Airtel offers services and information that are simple to access. There is a USSD code for everything, from obtaining your number to verifying your data. Today, all the information you want is easily accessible by just calling the appropriate USSD code.