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Bihar Board Class 12th Blueprint 2024  Download Blueprint 2024  are very important for exam preparations. it doesn’t matter you’re Bihar Board students or from another board students. If you are a candidate and you are preparing for your exam then you need to use the Bihar Board Marking Scheme 2024 ,

Bihar 12th Exam Pattern 2024

Or respective to your Exam Pattern 2024 to get a good idea about the types of Marking Scheme, marks distributions for each Exam Pattern, and etc. Therefore, on this website, we are providing the BSEB Class 12th Marking Scheme 2024 to help Bihar students to prepare for the intermediate examination.

Download Bihar Class 12th Blueprint 2024

On this web page Downloading Bihar Class 12th Blueprint 2024  are very easy. We have arranged all last year BSEB Exam Pattern 2024 here to download and study them easily. Also, the Bihar board class 12 Exam Pattern with an answer is available on this website to download in PDF. 

Bihar Board Exam Pattern 2024

The Bihar School Examination Board conducts the examination. And BSEB has prescribed the NCERT Books for class 12 students. Therefore, students are suggested here to use the Bihar Board Inter Exam Pattern 2024 of last years that are prepared by using the NCERT Marks Details, using the PYP will add more benefits to the exam preparations. It is so because the Exam Pattern 2024 are prepared on the basis of the Bihar Board class 12 Marking Scheme too that is very relatable to the books and their content.

BSEB Inter Blueprint 2024,

Blueprint 2024 for class 12th followed a pattern for the examination. And solving Marking Scheme 2024  along with the BSEB Exam Pattern 2024 aids students to understand that exam and its Marking Scheme pattern that has been given to the Bihar 2nd year students.

Blueprint of BSEB Class 12 Physics Question Paper

UnitMarksMCQsSA (2 Marks)LA (5 Marks)
Current Electricity07321
Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism08441
EMI and AC0842
EM Waves0311
Dual nature of matter & radiation0421
Atom & Nuclei0641
Electronic devices07311
Communication System0531

Blueprint of BSEB Class 12 Chemistry Question Paper

UnitMarksMCQsSA (2 Marks)LA (5 Marks)
Solid State0421
Chemical Kinetics051
Surface Chemistry0311
General Principle & Processes of Isolation of Elements033
p-block Elements08222
d and f-block Elements05331
Co-ordination compounds0312
Alcohols, Phenols& Ethers0441
Aldehyde, Ketone and Carboxylic Acid06211
Organic compounds containing Nitrogen043
Chemistry in everyday life031

Blueprint of BSEB Class 12 Biology Question Paper

UnitMarksMCQsSA (2 Marks)LA (5 Marks)
Genetics and Evolution18731
Biotechnology and its applications18832
Applied Bio and Human Welfare18841
Man and Development10631

Blueprint of BSEB Class 12 Maths Question Paper

UnitMarksMCQsSA (2 Marks)LA (5 Marks)
Relation and Function100831
Vector and 3D-Geometry170642
Linear-Programming Problem06031

Blueprint of BSEB Class 12 Accountancy Question Paper

UnitMarksMCQSA (2 Marks)LA (5 Marks)
Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organisations1062
Accounting for Partnership0531
Reconstitution of Partnership931
Dissolution of Partnership Firm251431
Accounting for Shares and Debenture Capital12321
Analysis of Financial Statements0861
Statement of Changes in Financial Position20931

Blueprint of BSEB Class 12 Economics Question Paper

UnitMarksMCQsSA (2 Marks)LA (5 Marks)
Consumer Equilibrium and Demand18761
Producer Behavior and Supply18761
Forms of Market and Price Determination1064
Simple Applications of Tools of Demands and Supply
National Income and Related Aggregates15461
Money and Banking0862
Determination of Income and Employment12341
Government Budget and the Economy0862
Balance of Payments077

Blueprint of BSEB Class 12 Business Studies Question Paper

UnitMarksMCQsSA (2 Marks)LA (5 Marks)
Nature and Significance of Management0751
Principles of Management0751
Business Environment
Business Finance12321
Financial Markets0861
Consumer Protection0531
Entrepreneurship Development0531