CBSE 10th Sample Paper 2025 Download PDF

The Central Board of Secondary Education, often known as CBSE, is one of India’s national-level educational boards. It has released sample question papers for the 2025 Class 10th Board Exams on its website.

CBSE’s Xth Sample Question Paper

The board is in charge of organizing, managing, and carrying out the board examinations for grades 10 and checking into the educational systems of all associated schools. It also significantly assists students’ preparation by providing advice and a model paper for 2025. The CBSE has issued the sample Paper 2025 for grades 10 and 12.

The kids would benefit from these sample papers for the 2025 CBSE examinations. However, if institutions or students intend to emphasize alternative reference materials more than the model Paper 2025, they must be aware of a new CBSE directive.

Every year, CBSE gives a curriculum to each of its associate schools. For the CBSE 2025 board examinations, however, CBSE has instructed schools to use the example Paper 2025 that it has supplied as a student guide instead of adhering to the layout provided in its curriculum.

This notice was issued because, according to the Board, it changed the design of the example Paper 2025, which did not correspond to those specified in the curriculum.

Additionally, CBSE has altered many question paper layouts. Students will become familiar with and prepare for such changes using the example of Paper 2025.

Following are some instructions for students and schools on how to get the CBSE sample paper for 2025:

  • Visit the CBSE Academics official website at to access the Sample Paper 2025, unavailable on any other website since it is the most trustworthy link.
  • Select the ‘Sample Question Paper’ tab from the menu at the top of the page.
  • A menu will appear as a drop-down. Select the “SQP 2025” option from the menu.
  • After that, one will have the choice of choosing class X or XII. To download a class’s 2025 question paper, click on either option.
  • The page will display the CBSE Sample Question Paper for each topic in the chosen class.
  • Select the subject’s link and press the download button. A PDF version of the sample test will be available for download.
  • For convenient referencing, one may also print off the question paper for 2025.
  • Carefully read the sample question paper to comprehend the paper format and scoring system, and note any changes.

Students can practice administering practice exams or preparing responses to the questions by using the sample question paper.

The upcoming school year will see the administration of the CBSE board exams. The examinations for grades 10 and 12 will start in February 2025. The board will hold practical exams starting in February 2025.