Port Airtel to Jio, How to Port Airtel to Jio?

The migration of subscribers from other prominent networks to Jio is on the rise. You must first know that porting is a process by which you will move to the new network while retaining your existing number. Once the porting is completed successfully, your current number will be assigned to the new network.

If you are an Airtel customer planning to switch to Jio, please follow these steps.

  • To begin migrating your Airtel SIM card to the Jio network, send an SMS to 1900 with the message PORTspace>your 10-digit mobile number> from the Airtel number you wish to port.
  • In a short time, the existing network provider will send you an SMS with the UPC (Universal Product Code) and expiration information.
  • Next, obtain the MyJio app from the app store. Launch the app to generate a Jio discount code.
  • Visit a nearby Reliance Jio/Digital/Dx mini-retail store with your smartphone, UPC, and Jio discount code.
  • You must provide an address verification, such as an Aadhaar card. If your Aadhaar card does not contain your local address, you must possess another valid proof of address. You must also provide an acceptable form of identification. Additionally, carry two passport photos.
  • Reliance or Jio store personnel will activate your Jio connection using the eKYC process upon request.
  • If you are an Airtel postpaid customer, you must settle all outstanding balances with Airtel before initiating the porting procedure.
  • The porting of your Airtel mobile number to the Jio network will now occur within seven working days. During this interim period, you can continue to use Airtel’s services uninterruptedly. When the migration has been effectively completed, you will receive a notification that the new network now covers you.

You can also physically submit an MNP request by visiting a nearby Airtel store.